0xEE.net is co-founded by Francesco and Chas; one fateful morning Chas woke up to an e-mail with an idea from Francesco. The idea was a place for reference and education presented in a specific format to bring PIC Microcontrollers to people who thought it was previously unreachable, a little spit and shine and here we are!

Francesco is a system engineer working in a data-centre in London. He grew his interest in information technology and electronics during the wonderful ’80s when all could be done with the likes of a 6502 and 64KB of RAM. The embedded systems revolution brought the ’80s back to life and now he spends whatever spare time he has with a soldering ironĀ and a keyboard.
Chas (@chasxmd) is an industrial systems programmer by day and runs his personal blog at iradan.com. His interests are hiking and hobbyist tinkering with electronics. His favorite microcontroller is the PIC18F26K22 although he has a strong bond with the RCA CDP1802 microprocessor he started with.
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