Hello, Welcome to 0xEE.net. This site is a collaborate effort between of Francesco of the Garage Tech blog and Chas of the /PNW/ELECTRONICS blog.

We propose to deliver content in a flexible format for the beginner as well as provide an easy to access reference for those who are more experienced. We’ll write guides, project outlines, and tutorials involving PIC microcontrollers and electronics in general. We’ll be using the Microchip platform as well as the Mikroelectronika tools and development boards. Based on the project you may find an article using the Microchip MPLABX IDE with XC8 C compilier or the Mikro C PRO tools.

Our article tagging will include a difficulty rating which we will explain at a later date once it’s finalized. It’ll outline what level of experience should be considered a minimum level to accomplish the task without too much difficulty.

We encourage feedback, both positive and negative, to help us shape this project into a valuable resource for PIC developers and newcomers alike.

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